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Freedom Wranglers

Jamie & Chanda

Introducing Freedom Wranglers, a captivating podcast born from the bond of two high school friends, Jamie & Chanda. Their unwavering devotion to Jesus and America has ignited a passion to explore the freedom we discover in Christ. Amidst the tumultuous world we witness, they ponder the age-old question: How can we prioritize God amidst all that surrounds us?

Embark on an extraordinary journey with them, as they delve into fostering a profound relationship with Jesus and uncovering the unyielding FREEDOM found in Him. The belief that every follower of Christ becomes a Freedom Wrangler resonates deeply with them, and they cordially invite you to join their quest for liberation.

So, why not take a moment to sit back, saddle up, and embark on this liberating expedition with the Freedom Wranglers? Allow their insightful perspectives to guide you through life's complexities, while you wrangle in the abundance of freedom that awaits.

Your voice matters! They eagerly await your thoughts and stories.

Reach out to them at, and for daily inspiration, follow them on Instagram @freedomwranglers. You can also connect with Chanda on TikTok @gospel_jane and Jamie @chickenwrangler76.

Let's forge ahead together, unwavering in faith, towards a life of profound freedom in Christ.